Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Shipment arrives in Shanghai

August, 2005

Our shipment was finally delivered with emails flying back and forth earlier that week about it. The good news is that everything arrived with breakage only on Tim’s bike. The process, however, left something to be desired. Victor, the boss of the job (only because he has some English skills), arrived by taxi around 10:45; we were expecting the delivery at 11. He comes in and proceeds to make himself at home, even to the extent of needing to use our phone as his battery was dead. Time passes, Victor has himself sprawled out on one of our living room chairs, and I’m captive since I’m not leaving him alone in the place – he’d already read papers sitting on the counter. Tim occasionally wandered down from his office, only to be greeted with daggers from me. He reckoned it was more likely we’d see the stuff if Victor was a “captive audience”, then sent off to wait in the clubhouse. Possibly! At noon, Victor finally figures out that the truck is still about an hour away, and he should go off for lunch. Plops himself back down after lunch with the truck finally arriving at 1:30. Tim takes one look at the van delivering our stuff and has me get the camera. Bike wheel with no wrapping, bike hanging off the truck, most of the boxes collapsed from mishandling and not being kept in an air-conditioned place. By this stage, with Tim taking pictures, I’ve got the inventory out and I’m making sure NOTHING comes into the house without being checked off. Victor continued to do nothing but demonstrate his limited English skills and otherwise duplicate work and get in the way. He will NOT be allowed in the house on the next move. Despite the look of the boxes, only Tim’s bike suffered damage, so all in all, not a bad move.


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